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Envirogreen – was founded by Ron Cowley, an economist with a master’s degree in economics and accounting. The company has existed for about 10 years and was established as a continuation of providing services to businesses within the various government ministries for over 30 years. The company’s focus is on the financial business arena, where businesses and investors receive tools and insights to conduct themselves in an uncertain environment when they sell a business, recruit additional investors, or seek to achieve business goals.

Envirogreen – is a unique company and it chooses its customers carefully. The company does not work in the format of large accounting firms that have many employees and where the client sometimes gets lost in the multitude of projects managed by them but conducts and places each client at the centre to fulfil their needs or aspirations. Combined with high creativity, we enable businesses to progress and succeed beyond their expectations and our list of satisfied customers is proof of that.

Among our services arebusiness and financial support, outsourced management of financial departments, economic and statistical models, risk assessments using the “Cowley model” (also suitable for public companies), valuations, strategic and business plans, locating business opportunities, product costing, assistance in financing and selling businesses, fundraising, capital raising and more. We work with all types of advisors and provide accurate tools for informed and educated decisions in an uncertain environment.

Selling companies and recruiting investors – the company provides professional solutions to companies that need to evaluate their worth before recruiting investors, capital raising, and selling these companies in practice, which means marketing and business brokerage. The basis of the company’s work is a result of many years of activity in the business-economic and financial arena, spanned from fundraising through government funds and/or raising capital through private and institutional entities.

Thoroughness and rigorous attitude – using economic and statistical models – to achieve maximum results, the company invests in learning each business on its merits and performing analysis of its financial reports through economic and statistical models that enable risk perception and an acknowledgement of investors’ risk perception to meet their expectations. Each investor has his character and attributions and we know how to translate them into numbers that will allow us to examine suitability for certain ventures, and or companies. (link to Determining the capitalization interest rate for projects based on sensitivity tests)

Regarding current services – we deal in several areas: outsourced accounts such as managing finance departments, and financial and business consulting to provide ongoing solutions to current issues including designing strategic and business plans and locating business opportunities, to act correctly and promote the company beyond existing expectations, both in context of sales and profit. (make a link to outsourced accounts, financial and business support, building business plans and strategies and locating business opportunities)

Creativity – we develop and nurture creativity as a basic approach. We find creative solutions that allow businesses to consider ideas differently and besides consulting which is the basis for our activities on an ongoing level, we make sure to implement our plans and ideas through ongoing economic and business support.

Among the projects, we have carried out – raising capital for communication companies, managing financial departments of Fintech and trading companies, recruiting investors for hotels, raising funds for companies in the field of medical trade and construction, ongoing business and economic consulting of food chains and restaurants and more. (link to customer recommendations)

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