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Do you work extremely hard, without moving forward?  Do you experience hardships in reaching Goals? Do you know how to initiate your strategy?  Do you need to improve profitability? 

You name the targets and we will show you the way

How we help business grow


Performing sophisticated and economic valuations, including the use of the "Cowley" model for determining business risk levels.

Business and strategic plans

Composing plans at the level of comprehensive strategic analysis, financial and risk assessment.

Economic and business programming

Spot analysis for new or existing categories or projects at the strategic and financial levels.

Financing for businesses

Assistance in obtaining financing from various sources such as banks, funding institutions and investors

Models for financing

Use of the "Cowley" model to determine the exact returns of investors in the businesses they check.

Selling businesses

Recruiting investors or other available sources for selling businesses after carrying out their valuation.

Financial Management

Outsourced financial support such as managers of financial departments, performing routine tasks in the financial field, etc.

Economic and business support

Ongoing support for businesses in the economic and financial field.

Who we are?

Envirogreen was founded by Ron Cowley, an economist with a master’s degree in economics and accounting. The company has existed for about 10 years and was established as a continuation of providing services to businesses within the various government ministries. The company’s services are diverse, but its focus is on the financial and business fields, where businesses receive insights for conducting themselves in an uncertain environment.

Among our services are business and financial support, outsourced accounting, economic models and costings, risk assessments using the “Cowley” model (also suitable for public companies), valuations, business and strategic plans, assistance in financing, selling businesses, fundraising and more. We work with all types of advisors and provide accurate tools for informed and educated decisions in an uncertain environment.

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