Selling of a Businesses


Selling a business is a partial or full transference control of the business to another party. Simplistically, such a move is called the recruitment of an investor. To sell a business to potential investors, besides finding the “players” in the industry, it is necessary to determine who the most suitable investors are, and based on this, they will consider whether the business is attractive. For this, an analysis of the business financial data and a valuation must be performed.

Apart from that, negotiations should be conducted with those potential investors after the abovementioned analysis. 
The first reference is an anonymous bid while presenting a general presentation of the business we want to sell and getting the other party to express interest. If there is general interest, the broker (who happens to be us at Envirogreen), will meet with the interested buyer and still, without mentioning the name of the company, in order not to reveal it to other competitors in the market. After a serious intention has been expressed, we organize a meeting with the owners of the business being sold to continue negotiations, while presenting the valuation and analysis of the business.

The selling of a business and the process should be conducted very carefully, in order not to expose the company to other competitors. The buyers will likely analyze the company’s activities, as well as the valuation with the help of professionals on their behalf.

In most cases, when the process of the analysis of the market and possible buyers is carried out in an orderly and careful manner, the probability of selling a business will increase.

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