Economic feasibility study


Different from financial consulting which deals with the financial and monetary field, economic consulting deals with checking the optimum points of economic conduct that refers to the sources and expenses of the business.
To locate optimal processes and values, it is necessary to use economic models and conduct appropriate studies.|

Our company is built for these considerations and we solve many problems by using economic models and validating the assumptions of the business owners.
Among the models we have developed is the “Cowley” economic model that calculates the level of business risk and/or chances of success, for both private and public companies, through the use of functions that calculate the rate of change of key variables in the business. 
“Cowley” model»

Economic feasibility examines the level of chance or risk of the company itself, a new or existing business plan. There is no absolute answer in all cases, but at given reasonable levels, the rate of chance and risk can be determined.

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